AlMughtaribeen University AlMughtaribeen University
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Mission Statement

In AlMughtaribeen University, the mission of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences is to contribute to the improvement of the human condition through:

The provision of excellent undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing health professions education

The conduction of basic research that contributes to the advancement of  knowledge & to the high quality relevant applied research that contributes in the solution of local, regional & international health problems

The use of its facilities and resources, both human & material, to provide health care and education to the public.

Vision Statement

We will be a College of Medicine and Health Sciences respected by our peers and the society for excellence in teaching, research, and clinical care. We will be distinguished for preparing graduates who achieve excellence in their chosen fields and who demonstrate extraordinary compassion and commitment to the service of others.

Goals of the College of Medicine

  • Develop self-directed learners who will continuously develop as caring physicians during graduate training and practice.
  • Enable students to acquire a strong foundation in the basic and clinical sciences and in those aspects of the humanities, social and behavioral sciences that are relevant to medicine.
  • Foster in students the development of the skills necessary for the competent practice of medicine throughout their professional career.
  • Help students appreciate and understand the diverse values that are brought by health care professionals, patients, family, and society to the practice of medicine.
  • Be flexible in meeting the needs of the individual student, by using a variety of learning strategies and formats.

Study fees

SDG 100,000 (for Sudanese students)

$6,000 (for non-Sudanese students)

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