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The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) selected Prof. Hassan Abu-Aisha Hamed as pioneer of Nephrology for Africa region for the year 2017.
Prof. Abu-Aisha will be honored during a Nephrology conference that will be held in Africa this year. The selection was based on several determinants including Prof. Abu-Aisha's participation in scientific researches serving humanity in his field, his intensive scientific sharing in many other fields, his ability to transfer and simplify knowledge in his own typical style to his students and fellows, and leading science to serve humankind.
ISN offers several honorary awards to those who present exceptional participations in Nephrology. Such awards are presented every two years during the International Nephrology conference (WCN).
It worth mentioning that (ISN) was found in 1960, following the First Nephrology Conference, which was held in Geneva, (Switzerland) and Avian (France). 
Since its early days, ISN has been keen to upgrade the education, knowledge and health care to Nephrology patients in all parts of the world. ISN membership has grown to exceed ten thousand members today, and has held several scientific conferences in many geographic regions of the world aiming to exchange researches and updating in Nephrology scientific and clinical community affairs.