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Number of preparatory stage schoolchildren of AlQabas Schools paid a visit to MU accompanied by some of their supervisors. The visit was on (International Youth Day) which corresponds to August 12 every year. Ustaz Hanan AlShaikh said" AlQabas Schools are used to paying visits to some establishments. This time the choice was for MU. She added, "This year's slogan of our establishment was "Smartness in mathmatical logic" that is why we targeted teachers of physics and chemistry to introduce students to the size and capacity of expremental tubes" the visit to the library aimed to teach and plant in them the love of reading since early. After the visit we ask the children some questions such as ( what is the place we visited? What did we find in the labrotary? Describe the library.) .
The next day MU Information Department called on the school's supervisor and asked her about the children's impression about their visit to MU and Ustaz Hanan's reply was: “All the children were so happy after the visit that even some mothers called the school to say that they noted the excitement on their children's faces.