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MU College of Medicine in collaboration with Preparatory and Community Service College organized a Health educational and treatment day in the Gebrah Quranic School at square No.9 Gebrah neighborhood.
Deputy Dean of Medicine College, Dr. Naima Abdulla said," this health day comes within the framework of the community service that MU presents to the public".
She added, “The program included four clinics

Paediatrics, general surgery, gynecology, and medicine, plus a laboratory and a pharmacy service. 
Patients were seen by specialist doctors who work in different governmental and private hospitals and who are members of the teaching staff at MU.
Medications were given free, including medications of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, high blood pressure and rheumatism).
Dr. Naima pointed out that" during the event, we organized an enlightening lecture to “homemakers” about the importance of correcting the house hold environment and not to leave food uncovered to avoid diarrhea.
She also disclosed that a number of more than 150 of the patients have benefited from the day program and promised to organize more health days in other neighborhoods close to MU in serving the community .